Jayne Malpede

Jayne Malpede, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist. She received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 2003. Prior to that, Jayne spent a decade working as master’s level therapist at Community Care Services, a community mental health and substance abuse program. Jayne dedicated last 10 years to working both in private practice and Miami University Student Counseling Services. She was a staff psychologist and Coordinator of Substance Abuse Services at SCS.

Jayne considers herself to be a generalist, working with a wide range of presenting concerns and populations. However, her specific clinical interests include addictive disorders, women’s issues, EMDR trauma work and family of origin dynamics with a special focus on shame and its impact on a client’s sense of self and overall functioning.

Dr. Malpede’s dissertation researched the value of women’s only substance abuse treatment programs with particular interest in healing of shame. Overall, she approaches clinical work from an interpersonal process, client-centered and relational-(multi)cultural perspective. She also employs Motivational Interviewing strategies particularly helpful with self-defeating behaviors and ambivalence about and resistance to change. Jayne hopes to assist clients in developing the tools to achieve self-acceptance, self-compassion, life balance and overall sense of well-being.

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