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There is something holding you back from living the life you want.

You seem to be caught in a vicious cycle.
Your trauma experience continues to get in your way of interacting with others, you avoid things, people and places, your mood and anxiety levels fluctuate, your sleep, memory, and focus have been affected.

You have tried to figure this out and feel better.
You have tried to find ways to feel less pain, and you would like to feel more grounded, confident and safe, to be the person you used to be and want to be but things haven’t improved much. You feel frustrated and skeptical.

After all, this is not how you always felt.
Even if you felt frustrated or fearful in the past, you could always regain balance, center yourself, and move forward. But now things are different.

Somewhere along the way your coping strategies stopped working.

The more you try to tackle your difficulties, the more stuck you feel. It seems that even when you feel progress, triggers can change that very quickly.

You have started to wonder if things can ever return to normal, whether you will be able to feel in control, connected and joyful again. At times you don’t recognize your life.

You will benefit from trauma therapy:

  • If you have experienced trauma (note trauma can include any experience in which you have felt powerless and is not unique to only certain events)
  • If you find yourself tense, hyper/hypovigilant
  • If you have sleep difficulties resulting from your trauma experience
  • If you find yourself avoiding people, places and things, thoughts, feelings, and conversations as a result of your trauma experience
  • If your life has been impacted by trauma

We are here to help

Our therapists are trained in trauma treatments, ready to walk with you along your journey to trauma recovery.

You can get your life and sense of safety back. You don’t have to feel irritable, distracted, hyper vigilant or numb for the rest of your life. This is not how the story has to end.

When you seek trauma treatment at Lotus

  • You will be able to stop the struggle with your pain
  • You will process difficult memories in a safe and confidential environment, guided and supported by a trained professional
  • You will see and experience painful memories and reactions losing their grip
  • Your life will expand and you will do things you stopped doing as a result of your trauma
  • You will feel more connected to your loved ones and experience joy
  • You get to write the ending of your story

What to expect from trauma therapy process at Lotus

Our weekly sessions are 5 5minutes long.

Trauma counseling begins with an initial assessment meeting during which we gather key information about what brings you in and related factors.

Insurance and payment options

We accept Blue Cross, Blue Shield insurance, Blue Care Network including Premier Care, Michigan Care, Aetna, United Healthcare, Priority Health, Multiplan and Cigna via Multiplan. We are also happy to provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance. Some insurance plans offer out of network benefits. Our out of pocket fee is $145 – $170 and we have some sliding scale options. 

We accept cash, check and credit payments as well as HAS/FSA cards.

We do what works

All of our therapists use evidence-based approaches to trauma. Some offer Prolonged Exposure for PTSD, some offer Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, some utilize Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for trauma.

All trauma counseling sessions are designed to guide you through safe reprocessing of sticky memories and responses in a confidential, supportive environment designed to loosen the grip this has had on your life, leading to hyper or hypoarousal, avoidance, isolation, anxiety, irritability, anger and more.

This safe processing and exposure will allow you to organize memories in a way that makes sense, empower you to tackle feared situations with increased confidence and resolve. You will work through your trauma experience. Your life will begin to expand again, and rather than being a passenger on the bus of your life, you will be the driver in control of your journey.

Call or email us. We look forward to connecting with you.

It is possible to experience joy and calm again. You will be able to pursue the life that matters to you, experience increased level of motivation and satisfaction the more you live life consistent with your values.

Right now, serenity feels far off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start taking the necessary steps to start unpacking your trauma experiences today.

You will feel empowered to write the ending of your story. We at Lotus look forward to guiding you in this process. To schedule an appointment for trauma counseling call today.

Treatment Options

A number of psychological treatments have been found to be effective in helping people cope with the symptoms of PTSD. Some of these include:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for PTSD focuses on changing the way in which you evaluate and respond to situations, thoughts, and feelings, as well as unhealthy behaviors that stem from your thoughts and feelings.

Exposure therapy is a behavioral treatment for PTSD that aims to reduce your fear, anxiety, and avoidance behavior by having you fully confront, or be exposed to, thoughts, feelings, or situations that you fear.

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a behavioral treatment that is based on the idea that our suffering comes not from the experience of emotional pain, but from our attempted avoidance of that pain. Its overarching goal is to help you be open to and willing to have your inner experiences while focusing attention not on trying to escape or avoid pain, since that is impossible to do, but instead on living a meaningful life.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is another highly effective therapy for treating PTSD that involves thinking about your trauma while paying attention to an outside stimulus, such as a light or a finger moving back and forth. It helps you make new connections between your trauma and more positive thinking.

It is possible to move beyond your past

If you have any questions or would like to schedule, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email. We are here to help.

About Lotus Consulting and trauma treatment

We have a number of therapists providing counseling for trauma at Lotus.

You are not alone. We understand, and we are here to help.

Our professional team at Lotus is here to help you break that vicious cycle, lean into rather than fight the discomfort of “quick sand” in order to “get out”. It’s easy to lose perspective while paralyzed by traumatic memories and responses. We are here to offer a healing space and to help you regain a sense of clarity, safety, and confidence.

You can feel empowered and steadied again.

Connect with us. Get professional support and learn effective skills to heal your trauma. Tapping back into your potential is possible. Even though the pressure you face has lead you to feeling lost or discouraged, it doesn’t mean you can’t start feeling joy, contentment and satisfaction again.

At Lotus Consulting

We offer a safe and judgment free environment and a deeply caring, compassionate and highly trained professional, multidisciplinary team. You can begin to recover while feeling heard. We offer emotion regulation, distress tolerance skills, interpersonal effectiveness skills, mindfulness and acceptance training and more. We help you expand your psychological flexibility and pursue a valued living.

Live the life that is meaningful to you

Our team of licensed therapists will help you heal, recover and refocus on what you value in life by cutting through the noise of traumatic experiences, leaning into discomfort and integrating effective tools.

Our mission

Is to provide a deeply caring, compassionate care, safe and judgment free environment coupled with evidence-based therapies to help you and all of our clients live a richer, fuller and more satisfying life.

Through the use of mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy we help you and all clients manage trauma experiences, painful memories and emotions, increase tolerance of distress, let go of struggle, living mindfully in the present.

You can feel empowered, confident, hopeful and connected again.

We are dedicated to a high standard of ethical and effective care.

We are deeply passionate about mental health and wellness as well as social justice issues.

The clinical approaches of our team members vary within the spectrum of evidence-based treatments ranging from mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapies such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Prolonged Exposure treatment. All of us at Lotus believe in and conduct our work from a place of empowerment and inclusion, drawing from multicultural competence.

Co-occurring disorders we treat along with trauma include:

If you are experiencing any of these, see our service page for these concerns to learn more about them and Lotus treatment. Know that we address and treat a wide range of concerns from stress management and general mental health and wellness, transitions and identity concerns to specialized mental health for concerns such as trauma and eating disorders. This list here is not all inclusive. It is but a sample of how we work and what you can expect at Lotus.

We are deeply passionate about mental health and wellness as well as social justice issues.

The clinical approaches of our team members vary within the spectrum of evidence-based treatments ranging from mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapies such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Prolonged Exposure treatment. All of us believe in and conduct our work from a place of empowerment and inclusion, drawing from multicultural competence.

Lotus Consulting is a premier outpatient treatment and wellness center helping adult clients 18 years old and older with food, body image concerns, eating disorders, addictions, stress, anxiety, depression and mood concerns, trauma, loss and grief, relationships, transitions, performance enhancement and more. Located in Ann Arbor, Lotus is easily accessible to individuals in Ypsilanti, Dexter, Chelsea, Saline, Plymouth, Canton, Brighton and surrounding areas.  Find out more about us HERE.

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